Why work with me?

Better strategy, better content, better marketing.

What does better content marketing look like for a B2B Saas business?

Brand authority, thought leadership, trust

Leading to…

Quality traffic, qualified leads, more conversions

Who I am: A journalistic content writer and strategist with 15 years under my belt. I started out in journalism, writing for a local newspaper (Orlando, FL) and several magazines. I then jumped into online writing because it’s fast-paced, lucrative, and exciting.

Over the years, I’ve worked with over a dozen digital marketing agencies and hundreds of SMBs. Partnering with my clients taught me everything I know about content strategy, online writing, and digital marketing.

Today, I specialize in writing long-form content and content upgrades (downloadables) that build awareness, thought leadership, authority, leads, and conversions.

Some of the brands I worked with recently include: Zapier, SEMrush, Squarespace, Monday.com, Fiverr, Self.Inc, and Shopify.

Who I work with: Brands that appreciate content marketing, but want to do more than meet the status quo. Sound like you? Then you likely crave authority and thought leadership, and scoff at the idea of pushing out mediocre keyword-focused content.

Instead, you want to outrank competitors with in-depth, expert-driven, insightful, and actionable content (you know, the other side of SEO human readers actually care about).

Content you won’t find anywhere else, not even in the top SERPs for “this” or “that” keyword — until you we create it. This is what we content marketers call “unicorn content” ?. 

How I can help: I’m not just a writer, I’m a content journalist. (No, I’m not just labeling myself — I have a journalistic background and even dabble in journalism here and there. I’m even featured as one of the “Black Women Journalists to Follow” by WomenInJournalism.org.)

This works out for you because I have the expertise and mindset to perform deep research (both qualitative and quantitative) and turn it into a compelling narrative. I do this by digging up:

  • Answers to your audience’s most pressing questions
  • Real-world examples to demonstrate or inspire
  • Experts to interview for actionable insights
  • Data/stats to back up my points
  • Customer insights to highlight how your product solves their pain points

I’ll use this to craft product-led content that naturally ties in your SaaS platform, using a conversational tone and storytelling. I can also ideate and create content upgrades (free downloads) for your posts to gather leads. It’s worked wonders for my clients.

And it’s Sumo’s secret sauce for creating million-dollar blogs…literally.

They’re generating a cool $112K per month, just by adding content upgrades to every blog post. Free + high value = $$$. Check out their conversion rate:

But writing from scratch isn’t my only “thing.” Nor should it be your only focus. There are other ways to improve visibility and reach:

  • Content strategy: Deep research to learn your audience, their behaviors, and influencers so your topics/content resonates with and reaches them
  • Content repurposing: Amplified content marketing and promotion
  • Content refreshing: Keeps every piece of content fresh, relevant, and driving traffic

What is my content strategy process?

I like to keep things simple for everyone’s sake. So when you partner with me, I’ll:

  • Learn about your business and its goals (via questionnaires and/or phone interview — your pick)
  • Study your audience/ideal customers (using your SMEs and data, along with my own “listening” tools)
  • Audit your content library to find opportunities (blog, emails, social media, downloadables, etc.)
  • Flag content for repurposing and/or refreshing
  • Find content gaps for new content creation (via the audit and market research)
  • Create customer-centric topics/themes and perform keyword research
  • Develop a content calendar/plan for content creation, repurposing, refreshing, promotion, and distribution
  • Create content briefs so whoever writes the piece knows what to do to rank for humans and SEO

From here, you can decide whether you want me to execute the content strategy or oversee the project for you (using internal and external content creators/freelancers).

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is when you recreate a piece of content into another format.

For example:

  • Taking a bullet list or quotes from a blog post or podcast and crafting an infographic.
  • Converting a blog post into a video script.
  • Or taking an eBook and turning it into a blog or newsletter series.


If so, I’ll repurpose each piece I create into various formats (including guest posts for authoritative sites). This way, your content is seen/heard wherever and however your audience prefers.

In other words, more reach, more views, more shares, more traffic, and more conversions.

Repurposed formats include:

  • Blogs
  • Podcast/video script or notes
  • eBooks
  • Audio snippets
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Guest articles
  • Infographics
  • Quora post
  • Social posts
  • Emails/newsletters
  • Webinars/presentations
  • Slideshares

By focusing on unicorn content, you don’t have to produce as many pieces to get the traction you need to reach your goals.

The internet is overloaded with mediocre content that ranks, but does nothing for the target audience or the company publishing it. Like we say in the content community:

More isn’t better. Better is better.

And according to John Bonini, a renowned content marketing strategist, “We need more reporters, not columnists.”

In other words, we need more content that’s written by great writers using the expertise of the brand/industry they write for. This is why I take a journalistic approach to my writing.

I dig deep, find the right experts, stories, and examples, to make your content unique and insightful.

(Source: John Bonini, Some Good Content)

Don’t be like this poor guy.

Dumping out post after mediocre post for SEO’s sake isn’t doing your business (or its audience) any favors. It’s better to deliver fewer high-quality pieces that position your brand as an authority and helps your audience reach their goals.

Because if you can do that, you’ll earn their trust and loyalty, which makes converting them a whole lot easier.

If your intention is to build an email list, social followers, regular visitors, or customers, then this is the type of content you need.

But how do you rank higher by posting less?

Because Google (and people) prefer content that’s relevant, helpful, trustworthy, and fresh. And by fresh, I mean new and unheard of. Not writing what everyone else is writing (aka dumpster-diving, copycat content).

Let’s face it — the SERPs (search engine results pages) are like an alley filled with copycats. Take a look at the top 10 links and you’ll see rehash after rehash of the top-ranking post. But this isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.

Google is stealing your traffic!

Our beloved search engine is transforming into a content destination. Need to find a movie, recipe, calculation, or quick answer? Or maybe you want to shop for a new book or tool?

Google will display products, answers, converters, and even side-by-side product comparisons so you don’t have to click on any websites.

So we’re not just competing with ads and the HubSpots with XX,XXXs of ranking posts anymore. We’re up against Thanos himself ?.

This is another reason to prioritize content repurposing and distributing it across all the channels your audience frequents. Doing so puts you in control of getting your content seen, read, and heard.

I can help you build a strategy for both.

And I won’t just recommend continuously promoting your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Especially since these platforms have an ever-growing oasis of content and dwindling user engagement (there’s just too much content to keep up with!).

These channels can be helpful, but alone aren’t enough.

Instead, I’ll help you find various channels outside of social your audience uses (podcasts, Medium publications, blogs, groups, subreddits, etc.). And we’ll repurpose content to fit those platforms and drive traffic back to your unicorn content.

Meanwhile, to get more use and SEO juice for your already-published pieces, we can do content refreshing.

What is content refreshing?

Content is like software. You only need the most relevant to get the job done. And over time, you update/upgrade them to get newer and better features (aka more value). In the content world, we call these upgrades content refreshing.

You put a lot of time and work into these amazing pieces, then repurposed and promoted them — why let them collect virtual dust?

I’ll go into your content library and find hidden gems ? that need refreshing. Then the process looks something like this:

  • Replace outdated links
  • Update/remove irrelevant/old information
  • Extend the post to fill any gaps in the topic
  • Rewrite it entirely (if it’s a decent topic but is irrelevant, poor quality, or boring)
  • Condense two or more posts (because they’re too shallow or similar)
  • Add expert quotes or case studies (if applicable)
  • Optimize it
  • Promote it again

This is also a great time to find content to reuse for a new campaign. I’ll refresh it and change the CTA so it matches your current business goals.

If you already have a large content library, reconsider creating new pieces. Instead, refresh and repurpose older posts (prioritizing ones most relevant to your current goals). It’s also an opportunity to take any low-quality posts and turn them into something shareworthy.

Content refreshing is great for:

  • SEO (improves your rank)
  • Keeping backlinks pointing to your site (so 3rd party sites don’t remove your link while performing their content refreshes)
  • Maintaining relevance (driving traffic and even more backlinks).


Here’s a look at the long-term results of content refreshing:


Want to build and execute a content strategy that converts?

Of course, you do. If you’re ready to put together a content strategy or need help creating, repurposing, or refreshing content — I’m just an email away. Let’s connect to see how I can take your business to the next level with better content marketing.

*Rates are customized to your content needs