Hi, I'm Saphia. I write long-form blog posts for B2B SaaS companies.

Need authoritative content that vibes with (and converts) your target audience?

Brands I work(ed) with.

Why work with me?

I help my clients rank #1

This post was written for TheShelf.com and is ranked first on Google for the keyword ``PPC and Influencer Marketing.`` It ranked 2nd in just two weeks.

 See the article here.

Ranked first on Goofle

My quality and consistency 2x traffic and 12x impressions

The red circle shows when I began writing regularly for a SaaS company's blog. The result: A major boost in page impressions in a short period of time.

impressions increase

My blog post increased unique visits by 38,350%

One of my blog posts improved blog traffic substantially within three months.

Increased blog traffic

About Me

So what qualifies me to write for your SaaS brand? It's not just my 15 years spent mastering content marketing and strategy. It's the results I drive for the B2B SaaS brands I work with: thought leadership, authority, traffic, engagement, leads, and conversions. My not-so-secret sauce to successful campaigns -- long-form blog posts and complementary downloadables. My goal is to help you reach your goals. I do this by learning about your company, objectives, and ideal customers. And if needed, I'll create your content marketing strategy. I've worked with Zapier, Fiverr, Sprout Social, Freshworks, Squarespace, Monday.com, and Shopify.

What I do


Looking to drive more leads to your business? Or maybe you want to become a thought leader and/or topic authority? I can help by developing a content strategy and/or content that blends expertise, authority, and brand storytelling to connect with your core audience. I offer long-term, short-term, and one-time services in the following areas.

Content Writing

Need to boost your credibility and authority? I'll ghostwrite blog content, guest articles, and e-books that are ready to publish under your byline. I also create downloadables for lead generation (guides, checklists, infographics, case studies, and white papers).

Content Repurposing

Remixing content into various formats builds visibility, traffic, and authority. Includes a content library audit to find pieces to remix into other formats. It’s a PR strategy that amplifies content marketing.

Content Refreshing

Refreshing your blog posts is good for SEO. Some businesses see increases in traffic and ranking within weeks. This requires a blog audit to find which pieces need updating.

Content Strategy

Need help building a content strategy? I'll perform a content audit, keyword research, customer/competitor research, and develop your content calendar and promotion/distribution plan.

What to Expect

My Writing Process

Step One

I collect data from you about your business, audience, strategy, and goals to ensure the content meets or exceeds your needs. Once the deadline is set, I move on to the next step.

Step Two

I begin content ideation, topic research, keyword selection, SME outreach/interviews, and stats collection. Outlines are available upon request.

Step Three

I then create the first draft using the infromation I gathered during research. For blogs, this may include inserting quality stats/resources, internal/external links, images/videos, expert quotes, and keywords.

Step Four

I submit the draft for your review. Up to two rounds of revisions are provided. Once approved, I send you an invoice for the remainder owed.

Starting At...

Blogs & Downloads

  • Questionnaire & Research
  • Editing (2 Revisions)
  • Image Sourcing / Creation
  • In-Depth Long-Form Content
  • Keyword Optimization
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Starting At...

Content Refreshing

  • Blog Content Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Updated Links
  • Expert Quotes
  • One Post / Two Revisions
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Content Repurposing

  • Content Library Audit
  • Multiple Formats / Channels
  • Promotion Plan
  • Keyword Research / Optimization
  • Writing / Execution
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Content Strategy

  • Quarterly Content Calendar
  • Market / Competitor Research
  • Content Promotion Plan
  • Content Audit
  • Keyword Research
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