I write long-form content for B2B SaaS brands in MarTech, eCommerce, and AI & ML

Need product-led content (and strategy) that converts your target audience?

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I help my clients rank #1

This post was written for TheShelf.com and is ranked first on Google for the keyword ``PPC and Influencer Marketing.`` It ranked 2nd in just two weeks.

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My quality and consistency 2x traffic and 12x impressions

The red circle shows when I began writing regularly for a SaaS company's blog. The result: A major boost in page impressions in a short period of time.

impressions increase

My blog post increased unique visits by 38,350%

One of my blog posts improved blog traffic substantially within three months.

Increased blog traffic

My Recent Projects

I design content that contains a conversational but authoritative tone, reputable stats, skimmable format, expert quotes, and actionable advice — all done in an engaging style. I use these elements to construct in-depth long-form pieces to boost SEO, trust, user engagement, and conversions. Take a look at some of my recent projects!

About Me

Marketer. Storyteller. Strategist. A powerful combo for B2B SaaS brands looking for product-led content that attracts and converts target audiences. My 15 years in digital marketing and magazine/newspaper writing prepped me to develop long-form content that edutains and drives action. The recipe: unique angles, in-depth research, expert quotes, and a conversational tone. I partner with brands in MarTech, eCommerce, and AI &ML that value quality content. Some I worked with: Zapier, Sprout Social, Squarespace, Shopify, and Freshworks. Are you next? Click below to learn my approach.

What I do


Looking to drive more leads to your business? Or maybe you want to become a thought leader and/or topic authority? I can help by developing a content strategy and/or content that blends expertise, authority, and product-led storytelling to connect with your core audience. I offer long-term, short-term, and one-time services in the following areas.

Content Writing

Need to boost your credibility and authority? I'll ghostwrite blog content, guest articles, and e-books that are ready to publish under your byline. I also create downloadables for lead generation (guides, checklists, infographics, case studies, and white papers).

Content Repurposing

Remixing content into various formats builds visibility, traffic, and authority. Includes a content library audit to find pieces to remix into other formats. It’s a PR strategy that amplifies content marketing.

Content Refreshing

Refreshing your blog posts is good for SEO. Some businesses see increases in traffic and ranking within weeks. This requires a blog audit to find which pieces need updating.

Content Strategy

Need help building a product-led content strategy? I'll perform a content audit, keyword research, customer/competitor research, and develop your content calendar and promotion/distribution plan.

What to Expect

My Writing Process

Step One

I collect data from you about your business, audience, strategy, and goals to ensure the content meets or exceeds your needs. Once the deadline is set, I move on to the next step.

Step Two

I begin content ideation, topic research, keyword selection, SME outreach/interviews, and stats collection. I'll provide an outline for approval (unless you have one).

Step Three

I then create the first draft using the infromation I gathered during research. For blogs, this may include inserting quality stats/resources, internal/external links, images/videos, expert quotes, and keywords.

Step Four

I submit the draft for your review. You get one round of revisions. Once approved, I send you an invoice for the remainder owed.

Starting At...

Blog Posts

  • 1,000 words
  • One Revision
  • Image Sourcing
  • Expert Quotes
  • Keyword Optimization
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Starting At...

Content Refreshing

  • Add/Remove Text
  • Optimization
  • Update Links/Pics/Stats
  • Add Expert Quotes
  • One Post / One Revision
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Starting At...

Content Strategy

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Market Research
  • Promotion Plan
  • Content Audit
  • Keyword Research
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Monthly Retainer

  • 4 Posts
  • Expert Quotes
  • Content Outlines
  • Keyword Optimization
  • One Revision
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